Those who haven’t yet visited the new False Economy website will have missed this excellent video in support of their crowd-sourced anti cuts campaign. Great writing, high production values and eye catching kinetic typography make for compelling viewing: Directed by Lucian Evans and presented by actor Sam West, we hope this isn’t the last such project from the […]

Johann Harri sticks the knife in: Two months before the general election, Nick Clegg warned there would be “riots” on the streets if the Conservatives introduced extreme cuts. Now they have begun – and Clegg himself is the chief cutter. Scrapbook looks forward with interest to Clegg’s next visit to a university campus.

What you didn’t see on Sky News’ near-hysterical coverage yesterday: the preponderance of genuine (and peaceful) student protesters at Millbank Tower booing the idiot who had just thrown threw a fire extinguisher from the top of the building. The assembled mass then break out into a chorus shouting: “Stop throwing sh**! Stop throwing sh**!” – […]

Following Scrapbook’s publication of an email to staff at Lossiemouth airbase on Saturday, the RAF have backed down on threats to dismiss civilian staff who protest against cuts. In a message to all personnel at the Scottish facility, base commander Andy Hine banned servicemen and MoD civil servants from activity in opposition to its possible […]

Students from the University of the Arts in London have deployed their creative skills to produce a music video to fight against reductions in their time spent in direct contact with tutors: The word on the street is that contact time could be reduced to save the College money. Cuts of around 25% will be hitting […]

Ten days after a Navy pilot confronted confronted David Cameron over plans to scrap Sea Harriers, RAF personnel have been threatened with the sack for joining anti-cuts Facebook groups, Scrapbook can reveal. Lieutenant Commander Kris Ward embarrassed the Prime Minister during a visit to the Northwood airbase when he asked [video]: I am a Harrier pilot and I have flown 140-odd […]