Kudos to climate journalist Edward King, who spotted that Owen Paterson’s ‘abandon climate targets’ speech was actually written by Matt Ridley (5th Viscount Ridley to you): Looks like Owen Paterson can't claim credit for tonight's @GWPF speech – it was written by Matt Ridley… pic.twitter.com/KesJkMAqgj — Edward King (@rtcc_edking) October 15, 2014 The fact that Britain had […]

Corporate social media can be a tricky thing. One minute you’re helpfully arranging compensation for disgruntled customers and dealing with complaints about leaves on the line, the next you’re denying man made climate change… at least that seems to be the way it goes for First Capital Connect’s Twitter operators. In response to a suggestion that […]

Libertarian James Delingpole’s denial of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) would be a lot easier if people would, y’know, stop asking him awkward questions and stuff! On his Twitter bio Delingpole claimes: “I’m lovely and right about everything”. Better change the first bit. And the last bit actually.

Climate campaigners delivered a gigantic viagra pill to Nick Clegg’s Putney home this morning, urging him to to “get hard on climate change”! Presumably fearing the potency of the five-foot pill, Nick Clegg refused to come to the door was in Scotland and instead his wife Miriam used a video intercom system to ask the activists […]

With Messrs Hannan, Helmer and their friends preaching the “collective flight from reality” of climate change, the “60 year mistake” of the NHS and equivocating on gay rights, David Cameron may be praying the volcanic ash cloud remains – over Aéroport de Strasbourg and Bruxelles-National, at least: Cameron’s MEPs are his political equivalent of the […]

On Sunday evening Iain Dale posted some extremely sloppy climate change denial ‘science’ submitted by one of his readers.  Scrapbook won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that the whole effort was completely and utterly flattened by Unity (@Unity_MoT) at Liberal Conspiracy and also by the Freethinking Economist. When it eventually came, the update […]

And for a brilliant, albeit less funny, debunking of the recent controversy surrounding emails hacked from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, check out the latest Climate Denial Crock of the Week. Sorry if blogging is light for the next couple of days… Scrapbook is off to see the Loch Ness Monster […]

Left Foot Forward reported today that Tory MEP Roger Helmer is organising a “climate change sceptics’ conference” in Brussels. The list of speakers is a Who’s Who of climate change denial – people with an axe to grind in one hand and a distinct lack of peer-reviewed science in the other. But one name on the […]