Way back in 2002, Theresa May was doing a very good impersonation of someone who cares about civil liberties: “We want to encourage … neighbourhood policing, giving people back power and stopping this constant centralisation which this government has brought in.” And even as recently as 2010, May was still keeping up the pretence by earnestly telling […]

As you may recall, this part of the Scrapbook machine ventured to Parliament Square on Friday to see what would happen when the 4pm eviction notice deadline for the protesters there was reached. After chatting with a few people, I realised I had forgotten to charge the camera battery experienced technical problems outside my control, […]

Whether its the number of submissions on cannabis or the bright spark who wants to bolster civil liberties by hanging people, the coalition’s Your Freedom website continues to provide amusement to those with too much time on their hands willing to have a dig around. This blogger was aware of the arcane law prohibiting deaths […]

David Cameron’s waxwork figure Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg this week revealed the Your Freedom website, which allows voters to suggest which laws they would like to be repealed in an effort by the coalition to extend civil liberties. The first laws to be abolished are those of football. Mr Clegg said: “As creators of […]