If you thought that a Tory majority government ostensibly being led by a moderniser might dull the instincts of social conservatives then think again. Conservative Woman founder and co-editor Laura Perrins has dedicated an entire post to her assertion that Labour leadership candidate Chuka Umunna not being married, errrr, “sets off alarm bells”.

A local Labour candidate hits Chuka Umunna’s hands with a hammer, but the shadow business secretary escapes unscathed thanks to smart material manufactured by Hove-based firm D3O. Some parliamentary rivals might venture that they weren’t bashing hard enough.

With 10 Downing Street using taxpayers’ money to send out Tory propaganda, shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna has tabled two parliamentary questions. The news comes after Scrapbook revealed the message was posted to 1.9 million individual businesses: “To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office, what the total cost to the public purse was of the letter sent […]

With 2015 offering the possibility of historic back-to-back coalitions, Vince Cable has opened up a new flank in his Labour Party charm offensive … by, errr, stealing lines from prospective colleagues. Much of the former Labour Party councillor’s much-trailed speech to the CBI this morning this morning had a whiff of familiarity to business policy wonks: Vince Cable to the CBI: […]

With his tweets about Latino house, “Chuka’s Choons” DJ mixtape for the Spectator and holidays in Ibiza, the shadow minister for small business and enterprise certainly isn’t shy about his love of music. But while most of us confined our embarrassing teenage email addresses to the dustbin long ago, Chuka Umunna’s UK garage-inspired inbox was […]

On Friday, handsome Labour MP and sometime DJ Chuka Umunna dedicated this song to a mystery “special someone” on their birthday. Having already been romantically linked to the “most fanciable MP” in the Commons, it didn’t take long to confirm the who the (now deleted) tweet was intended for: He must be pretty smitten to be dedicating […]

Warren Swaine, the councillor sacked from the ruling executive of Reading City Council after Political Scrapbook highlighted his tweet about black MP Chuka Ummuna, has been officially suspended from the Liberal Democrats. A party spokesperson said: The Liberal Democrats have a zero tolerance policy on racist comments and behaviour. The regional party has suspended Councillor […]