A Liberal Democrat from Eastleigh has been jailed again — but it’s not Chris Huhne this time. Naked rambler Stephen Gough, who announced support for the Coalition party during the recent by-election, is going back to prison again for breaching his ASBO. Gough has spent more than six years in prison for choosing not to wear […]

Commuters should have been forgiven for a double-take when reading page 9 of Metro this morning, where a picture of Chris Huhne’s release appears alongside the headline (for a different story) “Rapists let off with a caution”. A coincidence … or did the Metro designers decided to have a bit of fun yesterday evening?

Chris Huhne’s political corpse is still warm but the coalition hostilities in Eastleigh (and Westminster) have already begun — starting with Tory attempts to knife a potential Lib Dem candidate. In the last few minutes, activists have had an email from the Tory HQ campaigning department asking them to man phone lines to Hampshire from […]

As Chris Huhne pleads guilty to perverting the course of justice in his speeding ticket trial, Scrapbook notes the Crown Prosecution Service sentencing range: The sentence could be suspended … … but changing his plea late on won’t have helped the former energy secretary. UPDATE: We hope he likes porridge Judge “He should be under […]

Remaining silent in the face of criticism of his severance pay, one can only assume Chris Huhne is intent on trousering the £17,000 he is officially entitled to after police charges forced him from office. While we’re not sure that the Scrapbook team hold much sway with the sharp-elbowed member for Eastleigh, perhaps he might […]

It appears that traffic cameras aren’t the only way to track the historical movements of cabinet ministers. We trust the new energy secretary maintained an appropriate speed in these poor driving conditions.