The Daily Mail has been forced to issue a correction for a column by justice secretary Chris Grayling, which claimed that some European Court of Human Rights judges are not “legally qualified”: “These are not great principles of human rights. They are decisions taken by a Court, made up of people who are not by any means […]

A rogue civil servant has spilled the beans on justice secretary Chris Grayling’s attempts to avoid scrutiny — with written answers to parliamentary questions being screened by his special advisers to ensure a politically favourable presentation. Under Grayling’s tight-lipped regime, Ministry of Justice officials have to fill in a 12-point questionnaire (reproduced in full below) before information […]

Having secretly removed ten years’ worth of potentially embarrassing speeches from their website, the Tories initially claimed they were making it “easier” to access information (by deleting it). But speaking to a Sky News producer, Chris Grayling has outdone the press office: Chris Grayling just told me on Tory website web deletion there is "a limit to how […]

This morning’s Today Programme on Radio 4 saw newly-promoted Justice Secretary Chris Grayling trying to explain the bounds of his new knife-a-burglar bill proposal — and what a “grossly disproportionate” defence of a home would entail. Thank god David Cameron was on hand to clarify later in the programme: “You’re OK unless you do something grossly […]

A Westminster Hall debate today on the work capability assessments conducted by ATOS was interrupted by shouts from the public gallery, as a newly-promoted Chris Grayling attempted to justify the tests. Philip Hollobone, chairing the debate, threatened to clear the public gallery as members of the public repeatedly shouted such slogans as “Shame on you!” and […]

Despite holding onto his office in the face of massive public unpopularity, George Osborne is being counted as one of the losers of the reshuffle raffle. A loser in reshuffle is Osborne. He tried to move IDS and failed plus now has Clarke as alternative economy spokesman. — Tim Montgomerie (@TimMontgomerie) September 4, 2012 A […]

Chris Grayling plans to cover-up an official report into the notorious “Jubilee stewards” incident on the basis that it is “commercially confidential”. The episode unpaid workfare staff forced to sleep rough under London Bridge before assisting at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The incident caused a furore even before Political Scrapbook revealed that the owner of the company at the […]

Employment minister Chris Grayling has been accused of misleading parliament, after a written answer tabled in the Commons appeared to contradict correspondence from his private office about the censorship of a government publicity video on the appeals process for disability benefits. In response to a question as to why a video designed to help disabled […]

DWP refuses to disclose 115 cases of potential fraud MPs promised annual report which doesn’t exist Chris Grayling smears whistleblower on live TV Ministers demanded damning evidence held in secret Evidence is mounting of a systematic cover-up over the extent of fraud and malpractice at back-to-work firms paid at least £300m a year by the […]