One for the ignorant Tories — such as millionaire minister Lord Freud — claiming that the growth in food banks is driven by demand for freebies (you actually have to be referred by an approved outside body). Above is pictured Tylorstown Conservative Club in the Rhondda, which is now a, errrr, food bank. The ironic change […]

Labour’s urgent question on Tory ministers’ grossly misleading Universal Credit claims set the scene for fiery Commons exchanges — with Speaker Bercow reprimanding shadow minister Chris Bryant (1:57 above) for effectively calling the DWP team liars: “There has been so much beating about the bush that it is beginning to feel that this house has been misled […]

It’s 2014 — but apparently Iain Duncan Smith thinks it’s okay to refer to a gay colleague as a “pantomime dame”. The cabinet member made the homophobic jibe to out Labour shadow minister Chris Bryant during work and pensions questions earlier this afternoon: Er, IDS just called Chris Bryant a "pantomime dame". — Tom McTague […]

Yesterday saw family values Tory and serial fibber Nadine Dorries introduce her “Sex Education (Required Content)” bill as a Ten Minute Rule motion. The proposal would legislate for the mandatory teaching of abstinence to 13-16 year old girls (but not boys). Providing comic relief to the scaremongering and straight out lies deployed by Dorries in support […]

Deputy Prime Minister’s questions yesterday heralded a fierce exchange with Chris Bryant, with the Shadow Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform claiming of Nick Clegg: “He’s gone from sanctimony to arrogance in one very short year. The answers of the Deputy Prime Minister’s answers are phenomenal.” The DPM responded by, erm, pulling strange faces across the […]

Labour’s Shadow Cabinet elections got busier again yesterday with at least two more hopefuls (including Mike Gapes and Wayne David) sending out emails to their parliamentary colleagues. Following changes to the PLP rules women can count on a minimum of seven places at the top table. Including Harriet Harman this means a minimum of six […]

Following on from Scrapbook’s earlier post about the runners and riders for the post of Shadow Scottish Secretary we thought we’d take a look at the contenders for the Wales job. Unlike its Scottish counterpart which has seen holders of the post propelled to lofty positions like Chancellor of the Exchequer, Home Secretary, or tipped as […]