Tonight’s double resignation – with Cabinet Office minister Chloe Smith and deputy chief whip John Randall jumping within minutes of each other left the gagging bill rudderless and made a monday morning reshuffle look likely. But could it also signify a return to office for Andrew “Plebgate” Mitchell? Chloe Smith was in charge of the […]

Yesterday’s Treasury Questions saw a minister invoke the memory of Norman Tebbit’s “get on your bike” rant — suggesting a struggling worker should take a job 140 miles away from her home. Chloe Smith, who Scrapbook readers may remember was heckled at an NHS rally on Saturday, suggested that a Bolton resident whose hours had been cut such […]

Treasury minister Chloe Smith was heckled this weekend as she attempted to address a Drop The Bill rally in Norwich. Arriving to sing the praises of the Coalition’s most unpopular legislation yet, Smith was ambushed by protesters who flanked her with a large banner saying “NHS wrecker”. Handed a hospital pass by protesters, she left the stage to […]