A Conservative MP has retreated from a pledge to return £5,000 from a tax-evading donor — after Tory colleagues refused to hand back £20,000 from the same man and another involved in the scheme. Charlotte Leslie leads The Times’ special election section with a glowing article on her rejecting cash from Hugh Sloane, whose company Sloane Robinson Investment Services was ordered to […]

Word reaches Scrapbook that the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards is launching a full investigation into Tory MP Charlotte Leslie. As reported here previously … Leslie received a £10,000 donation just days after the owners of Bristol Port won a favourable ruling for which she had campaigned in parliament, asking two written questions The lobbying company retained […]

Scrapbook regulars will have been following the story of Tory MP Charlotte Leslie’s “administrative error” in which she omitted to disclose a £10,000 donation from shipping industry millionaires that she received just days after they won a favourable ruling worth tens of millions of pounds — and for which the Bristol MP had campaigned in parliament. It just so happens […]

Proposed Severn barrage opposed by owners of Bristol Port Tory MP’s campaign received £1,000s from port magnates Charlotte Leslie then tabled question against barrage Second £10,000 donation came days after barrage ruled out A Tory MP at the centre of a sleaze row received a donation of £10,000 just days after a company whose campaign she had supported in […]

 Major Tory donor opposed to Severn Barrage project gave £17000 to Bristol MP Charlotte Leslie’s local party Leslie failed to declare an interest when questioning Ed Davey and Vince Cable on the project’s research funding She finally apologised this week – seven months after she belatedly added the donation to the register A Tory MP […]