A post on the New Statesman blog has led Twitter, a medium which the show embraced, to the conclusion that 10 O’Clock Live has been axed after pulling in a modest 4% audience share for its eighth show. While the thought of Charlie Brooker pleading, Alan Partridge style, with Channel 4 commissioners is certainly amusing, things […]

With a bigger audience than ITV’s coverage of 6-7th May (sorry Guido Fawkes and Will Straw), Channel 4’s Alternative Election Night drew more than 1.6 million viewers. Endemol have now adapted the format into a 15-week series going head-to-head with the BBC’s pedestrian nightly news bulletin. Anchored by David “Peep Show” Mitchell alongside Charlie Brooker, […]

As we drift into Britain’s other silly season™ mother nature has filled the rolling news vacuum with cold white stuff. What better opportunity to reprise this Newswipe clip on coverage of January’s cold snap. “Temperatures across the land have plunged to Hollyoaks IQ level.”

Charlie Brooker is one of the media bods forced to sit through James (spawn of Rupert) Murdoch’s MacTaggart Diatribe Lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival last week.  Scrapbook can’t decide whether Brooker’s most appropriate comparison of Murdoch is with Niles Crane from Frasier or this: “James Murdoch is the closest thing the media has to […]