Citing “interventions in the media in recent days”, anti-Apartheid campaigner Peter Hain stuck it to revisionist Tories in the Commons this afternoon: “I give credit to the prime minister for apologising for his party’s record of what I have to describe as craven indulgence towards Apartheid’s rulers.” “But it really does stick in the craw when […]

Scrapbook’s coverage of Charles Moore’s piece on Jimmy Savile has upset the Spectator’s political editor James Forsyth, who accuses us of taking his friend out of context: Why I think the attack by @psbook on Charles Moore over Jimmy Savile was intellectually dishonest — James Forsyth (@JGForsyth) October 19, 2012 While Moore — Margaret Thatcher’s biographer — does […]

Writing in this week’s Spectator, Margaret Thatcher’s biographer and former Daily Telegraph editor and Policy Exchange chairman Charles Moore has said: “Isn’t there a single, solitary person who will maintain that Savile devoted himself to charity work for good reasons as well as bad? … Sir Jimmy should keep his knighthood.” It seems there is such a person, and […]