Former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy has been found dead at his home aged 55. Opponent of the Iraq war (and of the his party’s pact with the Conservatives) Kennedy was the most electorally successful Liberal leader since Asquith in the 1920s and a true natural in a way that few politicians are.

Justifying her rebel support for a motion which could see the Nick Clegg’s beloved Lords reform talked out, Nadine Dorries spent Sunday morning complaining that the Liberal Democrats would spike the boundary review if changes to the upper chamber were opposed by Tories. In reality, Nadine is desperate for a Lib Dem insurrection over boundary changes — because […]

Conference always brings the oddball party members out in droves — and the Liberal Democrats aren’t to be outdone. Adapting the costume de rigeur of beard and sandals, delegate Matthew Whelan has turned up with beard and tattoos instead. The self-styled “King of Ink Land”, who has legally changed his name to, erm, “Body Art” […]

Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy will miss Nick Clegg’s keynote conference speech later this afternoon after several sources spotted him on a train to London from Liverpool. He had already skipped a Guardian fringe event where he was the star billing. Kennedy was the only Liberal Democrat MP to vote against the coalition, whom […]

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has today conceded that he’s even less popular amongst rank and file Liberal Democrats than he is with the public. Abandoning the party’s long-standing policy of equidistance was always bound to cause ructions, with Scottish Liberal Democrats like Menzies Campbell and Charles Kennedy favouring a coalition with Labour. But with […]

UPDATE 20:05 Following more than 24 hours of conspicuous silence from Kennedy (save an email to Clegg which they didn’t release) he will resurface tonight/tomorrow in an interview for Scotland’s Sunday Mail. UPDATE 23:50 The full Mail interview isn’t online yet but AP has some quotes “It is absolute rubbish … I am not joining the […]

Charles Kennedy loves Westminster – of that there can be little doubt. A consummate debater since his days at Glasgow University, the Rt Hon Member for Ross, Skye and Lochaber has been a regular fixture in the House (and the various other parliamentary facilities) since standing down as leader of the Liberal Democrats in 2006. […]