Channel 4 News have poached two correspondents from the BBC. Matt Frei will remain in Washington but defects from Auntie, while Newsnight’s Jackie Long becomes social affairs editor. But the reshuffle has left viewers puzzled as to the future role of outgoing girl in D.C., Sarah Smith. It is possible she could fill the role of political […]

In a 7-minute interview with Channel 4 News this evening, the voice of a newly freed Julian Assange broke with emotion when discussing the charges filed against him in Sweden. He told Jon Snow of his reflective period in Wandsworth Prison: I was quite confident about my position and very angry about the circumstances in which […]

It may be a case of “tweet in haste, repent at leisure” for Channel 4 News’ chief correspondent Alex Thompson (@alextomo): Oh, noes! Thompson isn’t the first (and won’t be the last) person wishing he could grab his words back from the ether: At least he doesn’t work for the BBC.

David Cameron was reduced to shaking his head and asking the producer to “start completely from scratch” after he was sent into an interview with Gay Times apparently without having the first clue what he was on about been briefed. This quote about sums things up: “The answer about … sorry, sorry … ummm … no, you’re right […]