Anyone wanting a semi-regular dose of the bizarre in their inbox should sign up for a Lord Ashcroft email alert. When not tabling brazen questions on tax the Tories’ former deputy chairman will focus on issues affecting British ocean territories, such as whether or not one can visit the Chagos Islands by sea or when St. Helena’s new […]

“Government to drop case against Chagos Islanders”, proclaimed the website of the UK Chagos Support Association. Phones rang, BlackBerrys beeped and emails pinged into inboxes as jubilant campaigners, some of whom had worked on the issue for decades, received the news. The New Statesman had published a letter from Vince Cable to a constituent, stating that “The […]

Given their repeated pronouncements before the election, it was perfectly reasonable that human rights campaigners would expect the coalition to reverse the UK’s unjust position on the Chagos Islands, whereby the previous government had refused to repatriate those former residents of the archipelago forcibly expelled from 1968. But a series of bizarre U-turns culminated yesterday with the Foreign Office […]