Writing for ConservativeHome, Grant Shapps’ former top advisor seems keen for his old boss to take credit for the parts of the election campaign which worked, but strangely not for a new IT system which went into meltdown on polling day — leaving Tory activists across the country unable to print vital ‘get out the vote’ data.

With details of the Conservatives’ attempts to distribute party propaganda in schools emerging at the weekend, Scrapbook has managed to get hold of a copy of the ‘Citizenship & Democracy’ pack, which is embedded below. The full document is even worse than it appeared in the Independent on Sunday, with pages and pages of blatantly party political material. […]

Speeches focusing on the themes of accountability and transparency are among those deleted from the Conservative Party website in a massive purge of a decade’s worth of information. Among the transcripts to have been sent down Orwell’s Memory Hole is a Ted Talk given by David Cameron on the “next age of government” in which he […]

The Conservatives have tried to remove hundreds potentially embarrassing speeches and news articles from their website, it has been revealed. Their web team have edited a file called robots.txt (LINK) to obliterate their historic archive from Google and other search engines. Computer Weekly reports on the deletion of material from from 2000 up to and including […]

With a Conservative press officer accidentally forwarding Scrapbook an email revealing a strategy to “just ignore” awkward questions about a murder arrest warrant for a Tory councillor in Lancashire, the identity of the intended recipient, cited in the email as ‘TC’, has remained a mystery: But a reader has been in touch to suggest a possible candidate.  The Conservatives’ […]

After party chairman Grant Shapps attempted to intimidate the BBC ahead of the Coulson/Brooks hacking trial at the weekend, the CCHQ press office have attempted to bully an individual journalists by smearing them. Deputy head of press Ric Holden (@RicHolden) has taken to Twitter to berate Metro hack Joel Taylor (@JoelTaylorMetro), falsely accusing him of being a paid-up […]

Today’s Mail corrections column makes for informative reading: “Articles on 4 and 30 April, based on information provided by Conservative Central Office, stated that 878,000 individuals claiming benefits intended for the genuinely sick ‘stopped claiming rather than face a fresh medical’.” “We are happy to make clear that other important reasons people had for not pursuing […]

To have been a fly on the wall in Millbank when Zac Goldsmith trotted this out on Channel 4 News: “Every decision that we took was approved by election experts inside Central Office Conservative Party [sic], every single one of them.” But, teacher! CCHQ told me to do it!