The Twitter web interface has been floored by a security flaw which is still spreading like wildfire across the social networking service. The vulnerability has affected numerous UK politicos including Sarah Brown, who forwarded many of her 1.1 million followers to a hardcore Japanese porn site. A new Twitter security flaw has been widely exploited […]

Following Scrapbook’s exposé this morning, the Conservatives’ flagship Cash Gordon campaign has been taken down after hackers targeted the site with a rudimentary code injection attack. The twitter stream on allowed mischievous tweeters to redirect visitors anywhere they wanted: Users were lucky to escape with a rick-rolling (above) as those less fortunate were redirected to pornography. After berating Scrapbook for several […]

On the day the US Congress passed legislation providing health coverage to 32 million Americans without insurance, Political Scrapbook can reveal the Conservatives’ Cash Gordon campaign was developed by an anti-healthcare lobbyist described as “Karl Rove 2.0”. Writing on the Blue Blog yesterday, the affable Sam Coates claimed that Conservatives’ campaign site against Labour/Unite links was “built in just […]