From a UKIP press release: “The death penalty should be re-introduced for some offenders, says one of UKIPs newest Euro-MPs, on the 50th anniversary of Britain’s last execution.” Challenged over potential miscarriages of justice, Louise Bours MEP — who for some reason changed her name from the foreign-sounding ‘Van de Bours’ during her rise through the […]

After the e-petition to restore the death penalty slipped out of the Top 10, those behind it seem to have responded with an advertisement offensive. Spotted on the website of right-wing blogger Guido Fawkes, an animated GIF invokes the murder of Joanna Yeates to drive sign-ups for the petition. It seems the fearsome blogger may have confused the […]

The petition to restore the death penalty spearheaded by Guido Fawkes has flopped out of the top ten on the government’s official e-petitions site. Despite widespread media coverage, the appeal is currently languishing at #12 with around 22,192 signatures — some 77,708 short of the 100,000 needed to prompt a possible parliamentary debate on the subject. […]