A pensioner has launched an e-petition against the government issuing a de-facto tax rise against the elderly. Arthur Streatfield’s appeal, currently with 28 signatures, demands the government “take immediate action to reverse the decisions on these allowances”: “We consider that at a time when pensioners are struggling to make ends meet and yet are a group […]

Speaking on the Today Programme earlier, George Osborne has denied he is a highest rate taxpayer who would benefit from the 5% cut he announced yesterday. His £134,565 salary puts him just £15,435 shy of the higher rate (aka additional rate) tax band. When challenged by Evan Davis that he had other sources of income which would put him over […]

[update id=”grannytax” time=”16:10″ text=”They are calling the pensioners’ tax allowance freeze the Granny Tax now, with Ed Balls telling the Commons that ‘This looks like a tax grab on grannies’. Oh, dear.”] The budget has been delivered, and as usual the devil is in the detail. Now experts and politicos will be delving into the […]

Bookies aren’t taking any chances after Ken Clarke’s snooze during the budget yesterday cost them a four figure sum. The Ladbrokes political team have sent him a case of energy drinks in the hope of avoiding another payout. He is now even money with to fall asleep at a major political conference or speech in […]

Ed Miliband’s leadership campaign has enlisted cricketing help in the fight against Tuesday’s emergency budget, encouraging “hundreds of people” to email 2005 Ashes hero Simon Jones: Speaking exclusively to Scrapbook, Jones said: “It was flattering to be contacted by Ed’s team regarding the budget. The 25% cuts for DCMS will see many sporting initiatives, such as […]