With the Tories’ civil society minister forced to quit after sending highly explicit photos of himself to a reporter posing as a twenty-something party activist, it’s worth reflecting on the delicious irony of Brooks Newmark’s extra curricular social media activities. Having ultimately become somewhat distracted, the crowning achievement of his two months in the role was a widely-publicised row with the […]

The Tories’ charity minister was left red-faced this week after not only patronising the sector but showcasing his poor grip on his own brief. Brooks Newmark (should that be ‘no-mark’?) told a third sector conference: “We really want to try and keep charities and voluntary groups out of the realms of politics. 99.9 per cent do exactly […]

The Conservative Party hasn’t been left wanting for people going off message recently, and with elections looming tomorrow it’s unlikely CCHQ will thank one of their Essex MPs heaping praise on the richest in society as maligned martyrs to the national interest. Brooks Newmark, a former whip and Treasury minister, told business news site London Loves […]