UKIP promoted report advocating US libertarian-style small state Democracy Institute claims UK ‘too generous’ to own citizens Farage man pictured with architect of US government shutdown It didn’t take long for UKIP to jump on the back of an “alarming new report on EU migration” last week. But their promotion of its American publishers — the […]

You think Daniel “scrap the NHS” Hannan is unhinged? It has emerged that David Cameron may be more or less obligated to entertain a divisive foreign figure aligned with the nutjob right of his own party. That’s right, Sarah Palin is lining up a trip to the UK! Her Facebook note entitiled “Concerning a possible trip to the […]

With the Tory lunatic fringe right launching a British version of America’s Tea Party movement at Conservative Spring Conference this Saturday, Sunder Katwala writes at Next Left: And so the battle to be Britain’s Sarah Palin is joined in earnest, with Hannan moving decisively to rein in the early lead taken by The Spectator’s Fraser Nelson […]