Just hours after Political Scrapbook published photos of UKIP posters in the windows of properties on a leaked BNP members list comes this, courtesy of Britain First (now with a scary 580,000 followers on Facebook): “Our aim in this election was to gain attention and to bolster the UKIP campaign. On both counts, it seems we were successful. Good luck […]

A Tory MP has been caught sharing material from far-right group Britain First on his personal Facebook page. When not haranguing Muslims in or outside of their place of worship, the BNP splinter group are posting clickbait like this, which Romford MP Andrew Rosindell duly disseminated: Naturally, a spokesman told the local press that it […]

With Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day upon us, far-right cranks Britain First have been absolutely hammering their Facebook clickbait — the party are claiming that their posts have been viewed by almost 40 million people in the last week. Along with evocative oil paintings of poppy fields, the group have also been sharing pictures of their activists […]

While coherence isn’t Paul Golding’s strong suit, it’s hard to read this megaphone rant over the weekend as anything other than an endorsement of UKIP’s by-election campaign from the Britain First chairman: “You lot are going to have that smile wiped from your face when you have the patriotic right-wing MP “The people don’t want Labour in Medway — that’s […]

Wrapping street politics and a savvy social media presence in a registered party vehicle, far-right knuckle draggers Britain First are rapidly filling the vacuum left by the now rudderless EDL and BNP. With the parties standing in the Rochester and Strood by-election entitled to a free mail shot delivered to each property in the constituency, Royal Mail are refusing to deliver […]