The noose could be tightening around the neck of Tory housing minister Brandon Lewis, who has claimed £37,000 in expenses to fund “parliamentary associated assistance” provided by a consultant who lives near Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands — 400 miles from his constituency. Through an entity trading as Papagenos Campaign Consultancy, Lewis’ election agent Andrew Baxter has been receiving payments from the taxpayer […]

Regular readers may remember Eric Pickles’ trip to India — at which the local government secretary ate six curries in one session. While the taxpayers’ bill for the jaunt was initially reported as £4,000, a parliamentary question has forced DCLG to disclose the full cost of the trip — nearly £8,000 including support costs. That menu again: […]

Local Conservatives are in open revolt over plans to bar councillors from the Local Government Pension Scheme. Having backed savage cuts to the hilt, leading Tories have changed their tune now that they themselves are affected  — with one former county council leader slamming Eric Pickles’ plans as “nasty and vindictive”. Naturally, the Tories have […]