In a discussion about Islamic ‘no-go zones’ in Western countries, a Fox News pundit has actually claimed that non-Muslims dare not enter Birmingham — and that London has Muslim religious police. “In Britain … there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in. Twitter has naturally exploded with lulz, using the hashtag #FoxNewsFacts […]

Culture secretary Sajid Javid has accepted nearly £12,000 in donations from a care home deemed to be failing by regulators. A report by the Care Quality Commission found that at a facility in Javid’s Bromsgrove constituency was understaffed — but his local party still trousered thousands of pounds from them just days later. Inspectors who visited Moundsley Hall Care Home stated […]

The Scientology organisation has unveiled detailed plans to exploit the civil unrest which has gripped the UK this week, and is gearing up for an unprecedented mass recruitment and donations drive – with the aim of using the UK as an anchor point for their global operation. In a leaked email entitled “Do you want to continue […]

The Conservatives’ leader in Birmingham is refusing to speak to the press after his party lost six seats in local elections last week. Mike Whitby’s vow of silence has prompted the Birmingham Mail to ask “Where’s Whitby?” and suggest the councillor is too “shell shocked” to cope with his role. Losing six seats saw Whitby’s council group […]

Last week the Liberal Democrats distributed leaflets in Manchester contrasting “politically motivated” frontline cuts in Manchester with the utopia that is Birmingham and Sheffield. The smug deputy leader of Tory/Liberal-run Birmingham City Council, Cllr Paul Tilsley, was quoted thusly: “Manchester may be closing public libraries, public toilets and leisure centres. But [our] budget does not […]

As date of May 5th looms large in the minds of Liberal Democrat councillors, the party is resorting to blatant lies and distortion to stave off electoral decimation. Writing to residents in Manchester [download leaflet], the party has made the astonishing claim that there are no cuts to frontline services in Birmingham, Newcastle and Sheffield City Councils! […]

Three months after being exposed by Scrapbook for his lavish expenditure at Conservative Party conference, the leader of Birmingham City Council is once again on the back foot for wasting taxpayers’ money on luxury accommodation. Mike Whitby was dubbed “Micky Two Rooms” after he rented two king king size pads to create a suite for himself at the party’s main […]

The Birmingham Mail recently highlighted the case of City Council leader Mike Whitby, who used the plush Hyatt hotel at Conservative conference despite his having access to a 24-hour chauffer driven car and living less than four miles away from the venue. Scrapbook can reveal that the total cost to taxpayers of the Tory leader’s extravagance was £2,240. Documents obtained under […]