The Lobbying Bill is already notorious for its prospective clobbering of charities and other campaign organisations while doing virtually nothing to deal with actual lobbyists. But the rushed legislation is so horrendously drafted that it could even stymie the government’s own £24 million community organisers programme. The community organisers code of conduct ostensibly advocates campaigning and/or lobbying to […]

Youth workers in David Cameron’s Oxfordshire constituency are to go out on strike as his favourite big society youth centre faces closure. Base 33, a charity youth centre in Witney, has been described  as “extraordinary” by Cameron, who held it as one of his favourite examples of the Big Society. It now faces closure after Oxfordshire […]

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for David Cameron and Steve Hilton’s big society project, the recent publication of the Sunday Times Rich List raises questions about the viability of philanthrocapitalism in the UK. In December, the prime minister, David Willetts, Jeremy Hunt and Francis Maude argued that: “philanthropy must be at […]

On Monday David Cameron appointed Conservative MP Charlotte Leslie and failed parliamentary candidate Shaun Bailey as ambassadors for the so-called Big Society agenda. But would Cameron have been so eager to give Bailey if he knew the youth worker’s charity seems to have effectively shut down? In early 2010, the citizens Hammersmith couldn’t move for […]

In the wake of Liverpool City Council’s withdrawal from the government’s Big Society pilot project yesterday, Scrapbook went back to look at David Cameron’s speech to launch the so-called “Vanguard” schemes. Speaking in, erm, Liverpool, Cameron went out of his way to paint a vision of local communities stepping in to replace public services like wildflowers sprouting […]