DWP boss’ local councils forced to fund food banks But cabinet minister refused to meet charity bosses Even Tory think tank says benefits regime to blame Two councils covering Iain Duncan Smith’s constituency have been forced to spend £70,000 to support food banks. The news emerges three months after the cabinet minister snubbed repeated requests for […]

Scrapbook’s posts last week on the benefits sanctions regime has generated a flood of comment — including from DWP staff confirming that they are given “expectations” (targets) with respect to cutting claimants’ benefits: Dad had benefits cut while caring for cancer-stricken baby Jobseeker had benefits cut for attending dad’s funeral Jobcentre awards gold stars for sanctioning claimants […]

DWP denies there are targets for punishing claimants But office awarded ‘gold stars’ for imposing sanctions Other Jobcentres have ‘league tables’ on the wall Staff who don’t meet targets placed on review DWP’s denials that it uses targets to force Jobcentre staff to sanction benefits claimants is struck yet another blow this evening — with Scrapbook having […]

Responding to criticism from top clergy, David Cameron defends his “social and moral mission” of benefits cuts in the Telegraph today: “For me the moral case for welfare reform is every bit as important as making the numbers add up” Let’s see what all that morality means in practice. With the government on the back foot over their […]

Tory MP says benefits sanctions not for “minor infringements” Nadhim Zahawi says claimants can give “explanations” But man still sanctioned while looking after baby with leukaemia In a Newsnight report (iPlayer) on the DWP’s sanctions regime for those claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance, a worker for a charity which gives out food parcels told the programme: “You can have some people sitting […]

Hypocrite Tory leads the charge to demonise claimants But ignores questions about his own family’s claims Pocketed £6,000 expenses to heat stable on estate Stand-in Newsnight anchor Victoria Derbyshire turned the tables on a Tory MP behind the demonisation of welfare claimants — by asking him about his own family’s struggles while on benefits. Nadhim Zahawi — now […]