Bell Pottinger have threatened an African woman’s group with legal action for linking them with the government of the DRC. Following a protest outside their offices, the PR group has released a statement claiming attempting to distance themselves from the regime of Joseph Kabila: “Bell Pottinger does not work for President Kabila; for the government […]

As the fallout from the Independent’s sting on Bell Pottinger rumbles on, it has now emerged that they have used so-called “sockpuppet accounts” to spin Wikipedia pages for their clients — including smearing Gordon Brown’s sister-in-law by adding material accusing her of “inciting racial hatred”. Clare Rewcastle Brown is a Malaysian-born British investigative journalist who […]

With the fallout from Bell Pottinger’s very own PR nightmare drifting towards Number 10 earlier this afternoon, the prime minister’s official spokesman raised more than a few eyebrows when he broke ranks to claim that no lobbying firm has influenced the government: “It simply isn’t true to say that Bell Pottinger or any other lobbying […]