Iain Duncan Smith has slammed the door on victims of the bedroom tax hoping to reclaim their charges for a so-called ‘spare bedroom’. A loophole in legislation underpinning the hated tax was closed yesterday after tenants claiming housing benefit continuously since before 1 January 1996 had been able to get their money back. And with the drafting error just […]

A victim of the Bedroom Tax has struck a legal blow against the hated charge after officials wrongly claimed that his dining room was a ‘spare bedroom’. The news comes after countless vulnerable tenants have seen living and storage areas bizarrely reclassified. As Scrapbook reported back in November, families have been left facing hardship after downstairs living areas […]

Cock-up means disabled and domestic violence victims must pay Lord Freud promised to fix error “at the earliest opportunity” But ministers U-turn because it “would would be embarrassing“ The government has broken a pledge to exempt many disabled people and victims of domestic violence from the Bedroom Tax on the basis that introducing such dispensations […]

The number of Bedroom Tax victims due for a refund after a “technical error” meant they were wrongly charged the so-called under ‘under-occupancy penalty’ could be up to four times higher than Ian Duncan Smith told the Commons on Tuesday. The news comes days after it emerged that a woman who committed suicide over the policy would have been […]

A select committee of MPs has been told that the Bedroom Tax is making people suicidal. Maureen Smith, a solicitor with a Glasgow-based legal and financial advice service, told the Scottish Affairs Committee: “I have seen more people who are contemplating suicide. More people are destitute.” The claim comes after a 53 year-old grandmother threw herself […]

A Tory-run council is withholding help from victims of the Bedroom Tax — to punish them for the ‘luxury’ of smoking. The decision means that a disabled child who has medical equipment stored in a ‘spare room’ could be forced to move home simply because one of their parents smokes. Callous North Lincolnshire Council can afford to provide to […]

Heather Simpson — who suffers from a degenerative disease and needs an adapted property with wheelchair access — told Sky News that there is no way she can avoid the £700-per-annum penalty: “I’m stuck basically, there’s nowhere for me to go.” “I understand there’s overcrowding, but there’s nowhere for me to go. So I’ll just get into […]