You’ll need to brace yourself for the latest Lib Dem wheeze as they attempt to back away from the Bedroom Tax in time for May 2015. Are you ready? In a page posted to their national party website earlier, Labour councils are accused of deliberately botching the implementation of the Bedroom Tax in order to make them look bad! […]

The death of a disabled cancer patient was hastened after the Bedroom Tax forced her to move, her family have claimed. 52 year-old Janet Mandeville, who died last month, could not afford the extra £12 per week needed to stay in her two-bedroom bungalow. Her daughter told the West Briton the hated policy left Mrs Mandeville without access to her support network […]

Even today’s partial Lib Dem U-turn on the Bedroom Tax was executed with the most odious smugness imaginable — with their MPs falling over themselves to suggest that they had wanted to act against the injustice of the policy all along. ‘Breaking news, proles! We’re no longer total bastards!’ Breaking news: Lib Dems win crucial vote to […]

Domestic violence victims pay Bedroom Tax for ‘safe room’ 280 homes with special secure areas hit with hated charge MP bids to change rules with Commons motion With domestic violence victims up there with kidney dialysis patients in having specialist facilities deemed to be ‘spare’ bedrooms — an MP is bidding to exempt ‘safe rooms’ […]

A leading Tory in local government has dubbed the Bedroom Tax is a ‘success’ — citing figures from a housing association showing that nine in ten victims of the ‘under occupancy penalty’ have been unable to move home. In a blog entitled ‘Another spare room subsidy cut success story‘, Hammersmith and Fulham councillor and Conservative Home columnist Harry Phibbs boasts about figures from […]

A millionaire government minister (the one who tried to blame charities for a rise in food bank use) put his foot in it yesterday — by using the term ‘Bedroom Tax’ instead of the usual Orwellian euphemisms. Rather than using the government-approved phrases  ‘under occupancy charge’ or ‘spare room subsidy’ Lord Freud told peers yesterday: […]

All you need to know about the Bedroom Tax: 1 July 2013: Liam Byrne: Will the Secretary of State tell the House whether he thinks the bedroom tax is proving a runaway success? Iain Duncan Smith: It is proving a success, because what it is doing—[Laughter.] No. What it is doing is finally shining a light on the previous […]