Scrapbook plans to stay neutral throughout the electoral reform campaign, but with No to AV’s garish and somewhat overblown campaign already ripening for satire, it would be wholly wrong of us not to guide you towards the wonderful ARGH to AV site. Operating along similar lines to the Daily Mail-o-matic headline generator, the “No” camp could […]

Having been caught out spending £9,000 to hire crowds, Nick Clegg is is in something of a quandary now his audiences are filled with gloomy Liberal Democrat activists.* According to Sky News’ Catherine Jacobs, one of Clegg’s officials was overheard telling those arriving for his speech in Leeds today: “Look happy and smile at everything he says.” But […]

The King’s Speech stars Colin Firth and Helena Bonham-Carter have both come out in support of the Yes to AV campaign in the upcoming referendum on electoral reform. Firth, who plays stammering King George VI said: “The referendum is a once in a generation opportunity to change our clapped out politics for good. I’ll be […]