Two years after strident support for first-past-the-post during the AV referendum, The Sun has finally realised that the voting system is unfair — but only because it hurts UKIP: “A QUARTER of all Brits will have to vote for UKIP before they get one MP, it has emerged. The anti-EU party will struggle at a General Election because […]

Pre-watershed swearing aside, it was a clever move by Johnson to bring Boateng’s beloved South Africa into the discussion. During his victory speech on election to parliament in 1983 he said: “We can never be free in Brent until South Africa is free too … Today Brent South, tomorrow Soweto!” But as an emerging democracy, South Africa […]

An artwork satirising Cameron and Clegg’s relative fortunes in the AV referendum campaign has popped up on Fashion Street off Brick Lane in E1. The graffiti is adapted from an infamous photo of footballer Vinnie Jones’s inappropriate ball handling on Paul Gascoigne. Is this the work of Banksy or another stencil-wielding charlatan?

With less than two days campaigning left, the AV referendum campaigns are really scraping the barrel for metaphors. The “No to AV ice cream van”, stationed outside an event with William Hague and Theresa May, tells us that with First Past The Post it is: “One person one scoop” But with the Alternative Vote: “Who knows how […]

Distancing himself from the attacks on Nick Clegg by the No to AV campaign yesterday, David Cameron said: “I don’t run the No campaign, I run the Conservative No campaign.” By extension, Scrapbook assumes he will be apologising for the xenophobic briefing issued by his press officers. In addition to Australia and several jurisdictions in the […]

It seems AV referendum celebrity endorsements have suddenly become more interesting than Professor Robert Winston (Baron Winston to you) and Colin Firth. While yesterday saw Peter Stringfellow come out for the ‘No’ camp, PoliticsHome report a rather, erm, pithy remark from Steve Coogan as to why he wants to change the voting system: “Cos those who […]

The campaign against the Alternative Vote has boobed. Lecherous 70-year old Peter Stringfellow, the first club owner to gain a fully nude club licence from Westminster Council, is the latest in a string of “celebrities” wheeled out during the Alternative Vote referendum campaign. Scrapbook trusts there will be a large media buy for the advertisement […]