The leader of the EDL has been caught distributing anti-semitic propaganda on Twitter. Tommy Robinson tweeted a link to a far-right website obsessed with highlighting Jewish figures in public life. Commenting “I hate Labour because of this”, Robinson linked to an article (NSFW) which follows an extract from a newspaper piece on immigration with the observation: “Of those […]

Candidate posted hate group story to UKIP Facebook page Posted to Farage that ‘Jewish bankers dominate world’ Claims she was hacked but posts appear over 11 months A UKIP member was selected to stand in local elections despite posting material from a hate group to the party’s official Facebook page. The party also failed to act after […]

A UKIP candidate suspended in a row over anti-semitic Facebook posts is a member of a group claiming Queen Elizabeth II leads a global “Illuminati and mafia” conspiracy. Among numerous conspiracy theory groups which Anna-Marie Crampton has joined on social media, the official homepage of Awake, aware and part of the solution depicts the UK’s head of state at […]