A conspicuously tight schedule of media rounds after the Autumn Statement last December saw George Osborne pop up at a JCB factory in Staffordshire before miraculously re-appearing back in London. Transparency data released by the Treasury reveals that this set piece was only possible because the heavy machinery manufacturer — who have donated millions of pounds […]

The Liberal Democrats’ former treasurer may be called to testify in court after the party refused to hand back a £2.4m donation which is known to be the proceedings of fraud. Party donor Michael Brown (above right) is currently awaiting extradition after going on the run to the Dominican Republic. Victims of Brown, who posed as […]

Scrapbook has previously highlighted the case of JCB, who, despite seeing profits jump 150% to £235m, apparently needed a subsidy from the taxpayer. While struggling small firms were snubbed for Regional Growth Fund money, Anthony Bamford’s company were handed a huge wodge of cash. Along with their status as the only British company to be namechecked […]

Digger company JCB was amongst the 119 successful bids for the £1.4bn Regional Growth Fund, leaving puzzled hacks wondering why a company which had seen profits jump 150% to £235m needed a subsidy from the taxpayer. Scrapbook cannot resist speculating whether donations to the Conservative Party totalling more than £4 million have any bearing on the matter. Adding salt to […]

Further to our  story yesterday that the only British company namechecked by David Cameron in his speech had donated more than £4 million to the Conservative party, it seems that JCB’s boss is no stranger to either controversy or the patronage of the prime minister. Sir Anthony Bamford was personally recommended for a peerage by David Cameron back […]