With the Conservative Party Summer Ball taking place last night it was perhaps inevitable that Thatcher-signed champagne auctioned for £45,000 would get a mention at Business Questions. The response from jeering Tory MPs? “That’s cheap!” Having voted to freeze prices on their taxpayer-subsidised bars, however, MPs needn’t attend a summer ball to get their hands on discounted […]

Not Keith Vaz’ finest moment chairing a Labour conference session earlier today. Having sat through a whole speech on transport, he then congratulated shadow leader of the House Angela Eagle — as opposed to her twin sister Maria, the errr, shadow transport secretary. The gaffe comes months after the Home Affairs Committee chair offended the sisterhood for […]

David Cameron is presumably now regretting telling Angela Eagle “Calm down, dear” during heated exchanges on the NHS. Her shadow treasury team colleague Ed Balls was certainly not impressed, repeatedly calling upon the prime minister to apologise. In a transparent attempt to “win back the wimmin”, Cameron then claimed that Tory MP Sarah Wollaston was […]

The Scrapbook team recently discovered that a House of Commons debate on the Budget makes for particularly entertaining late night viewing, especially when the Honourable Members have had as much to drink as we had. In particular, one point of order from the Member for Ealing North left this blogger in hysterics, and wondering just […]