The Scrapbook team have been looking forward to producing the image above for some time now.* Congratulations in particular to parliamentary inquisitor Tom Watson and press inquisitor Nick Davies. *Cave-dwellers may be intrigued to discover that he’s resigned.

With new phone hacking allegations against the News of the World filed with the High Court this week, the Financial Times’ leader column today claims “there remains a need for a deeper inquiry” into the activities of the newspaper under the leadership of Andy Coulson. With Scotland Yard announcing that the investigation remains closed, the influential paper questions […]

Dispatches’ expose on David Cameron’s top spinner Andy Coulson is to be screened in a few moments on Channel 4: “Dispatches examines allegations that during Andy Coulson’s time as editor of News of the World, phone hacking was a routine practice at the paper and carried out with his knowledge. Political journalist Peter Oborne investigates the […]

Benedict Brogan is among many to have observed, in relation to the growing rancour around Andy Coulson, that there is a big difference between investigative journalism and the hard, on-the-public-record evidence required for a prosecution: “Nothing we have read or heard since the NYT published its report suggests there is enough new material to justify […]

We did tweet this yesterday but figured this gem should be preserved for posterity. From royalty and members of parliament to footballers and police officers, never let it be said that Andy Coulson doesn’t listen to people’s answerphone messages the citizens of Britain: Though the New York Times investigation has certainly uncovered new evidence, the vintage of the […]

Forgive Scrapbook’s healthy interest obsession with all things Morris/Iannucci but press coverage of that “dead story from four years ago” (© Tory Bear 2010) reminds this blogger of the following scene from The Thick Of It: Malcom Tucker: I am not the story here. Jamie McDonald: No, you kind of are the story. They spelt your name […]