Having heard reports of near-adulation for Andy Burnham at lefty meetings and rallies in the last 12-months, the (two) standing ovations for the shadow health secretary come as no surprise to Scrapbook. Obviously enjoying himself, the Leigh MP couldn’t resist a gesture of encouragement as delegates started to shout: “Whose NHS? Our NHS!” This underscores his position as […]

The 170,000-signature petition against the Health Bill will be debated in Parliament next Tuesday — two weeks after MPs refused to allocate it time. Despite huge backing for the online appeal, the Backbench Business Committee attempted to block discussion in the Commons despite having 70% more signatures than is required. Secured under pressure from Andy Burnham, […]

Having dispensed with Abbott and Balls, LabourList’s look back at the various leadership campaigns turned to Andy Burnham yesterday. Mark Ferguson writes that Burnham seemed to gain momentum after a slow start. Indeed, the talented and likeable former Health Secretary seemed trapped by his  “northern candidate” status: “Actually my pitch hasn’t been that I’m from the […]

David Miliband has pulled his temporary campaign site (image) in preparation for the official unveiling of davidmiliband.net this afternoon. Labour blogger Tom Harris will chair the launch with the older Milibrother giving a short speech and Q&A (cue briefings to PR Week that this will be the ellusive “internet election”). As for the site design, perhaps […]

It must be Friday: Sky have published their top-10 “hottest MPs” based on polling from the previous four years (alas without pictures). Burnham and Flint fly the flag for Labour but the eleven finalists (including tied placed) include six Tories and three Lib Dems. A former council leader’s description of John Prescott as “divinely sexy” impressed […]