A Tory MP has been caught sharing material from far-right group Britain First on his personal Facebook page. When not haranguing Muslims in or outside of their place of worship, the BNP splinter group are posting clickbait like this, which Romford MP Andrew Rosindell duly disseminated: Naturally, a spokesman told the local press that it […]

An MP who claimed he has “huge admiration” for dictator General Pinochet is a governor of a Foreign Office-funded body charged with the promotion of democracy. Andrew Rosindell, whose disgusting remarks were picked up by the national press after they were featured on Scrapbook last week, has a crucial role with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD). According to […]

With a mooted referendum on the future of the Falklands set to rock the geopolitics of the south Atlantic, Tory MP Andrew Rosindell backed the islanders’ right to self-determination yesterday: “It’s not for Argentina or Britain to tell the Falklanders where they should be, it is up to the Falkland Islanders themselves to have self-determination […]

A Tory MP has called Scrapbook “ignorant” after we exposed his overseas junkets. Lamely attempting to defend trips costing £36,000 — including a first class jolly to the Caribbean — Andrew Rosindell told his local newspaper: “I don’t spend 24 hours of a day looking at pavements”. The article, which has since suspiciously disappeared from the Romford Recorder […]

A right-wing Tory MP has received more than £36,000 in free foreign travel in the last twelve months, Political Scrapbook can reveal. Controversial backbencher Andrew Rosindell clocked up the air miles across seven trips paid for by third parties — including a first class junket to the Caribbean worth £13,600. The Romford MPs recent itinerary […]

How wise were Cabinet members to speak at an event for a body whose leadership wants to kill off the NHS? Described as a “Conservative madrassa”, Young Britons’ Foundation chief Donal Blaney (pictured above with notorious Republican operative Karl Rove) has made calls to “scrap the NHS” while its president Daniel Hannan described the health service […]

Family values Tory Andrew Rosindell is sponsoring an “erotica dinner” in the House of Commons this evening. The Romford MP and former member of the right-wing Monday Club is known for his conservative views including opposition to gay rights and gender recognition for transsexuals. He is perhaps an unlikely supporter for an evening of entertainment which includes a […]