The wheels haven’t come off the Tory machine — but their is now audible creaking along with signs that discipline is breaking down. First up, a top Tory donor describes the campaign as “useless” to Andrew Neil (this went viral last night): Spoke to major Tory donor tonight. "Tory campaign useless. Cameron's heart not in it. Not […]

Iain Duncan Smith has finally admitted that the use of food banks is linked to delays in his own department paying benefits — having previously attacked a charity for “scaremongering” when they suggested precisely that. In amongst the usual IDS lies and bluster, Sunday Politics’ longest ever interview contained this concession to Andrew Neil: AN: So you don’t agree with […]

The Mayor of London invoked memory loss today when Brillo raised the issue of a previous “night in the cells” for the former Bullingdon Boy: “The political sponge of amnesia has wiped the slate of memory”  – Boris Johnson Arranging for someone to be beaten up would probably have received the same treatment.