After an ill-advised dalliance with misogynystic themes which saw rapper NxtGen remove one of his videos from YouTube, the Loughborough MC has returned to form with another tune about the health secretary. It’s a tough pick but our favourite line is: “Now a committee of MPs is on the attack, because they know the Health and Social Care […]

After a nurse forced David Cameron to face the music last week, another ordinary member of the public has spoken truth to power. In scenes reminiscent of Sharon Storer‘s encounter with Tony Blair in 2001, a pensioner snatched the opportunity to accost Andrew Lansley outside Downing Street moments ago. The health secretary attempted to claim: “There is […]

Senior cabinet minister and whips told PM to ditch bill Approaches were made as long as six weeks ago Private polling shows reforms are “deeply unpopular” With Ed Miliband citing calls for Andrew Lansley’s scalp from the Tory Reform Group at PMQs yesterday, it has now emerged that senior Conservative figures urged David Cameron to ditch the Health and […]

Tomorrow’s Times adds to the metric tonnage (£) of commentary observing that it is “extraordinary that Andrew Lansley is still in position” having — from the perspective of both the government, health professionals and much of the public — thoroughly botched the Health and Social Care Bill. But it is Rachel Sylvester’s vicious briefing from an anonymous […]

With Huhne’s cabinet career now in tatters, could the fate of the member for Eastleigh also hasten the exit of the health secretary? Lobby hack James Macintyre certainly thinks so: [blackbirdpie url=”!/James_Macintyre/status/164858054867812352″] With the Health Bill the runaway winner for “most botched coalition legislation” , it’s surely just a matter of timing.

A survey of “risk registers” prepared by regional health bodies lays bare the potentially catastrophic effects of Andrew Lansley’s overhaul of the NHS, including a drastic reduction in the protections of vulnerable children. The fears of the health professionals include: London SHA: Dilution of expertise and weaknesses in sharing information may lead to “preventable harm […]

The Department of Health has invoked free market thinker Adam Smith to rationalise further privatisation of the NHS. While impact assessments are supposedly prepared by neutral civil servants to “outline advantages and disadvantages of each option”, official papers underpinning the announcement last week of yet more tendering to external providers characterises current arrangements as “the […]