The chair of Amnesty International UK has resigned after Scrapbook exposed a string of mental health jokes made on Twitter. Ciarnan Helferty was roundly condemned for the off-colour remarks (in full here) about schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder, most of which were made while he was in the high-profile role for one of the world’s most […]

The UK chair of Amnesty International has referred himself to the organisations internal standards procedures after Scrapbook revealed a string of jokes at the expense of the mentally ill. Having been elected to lead the Amnesty board, Ciarnan Helferty went on to post numerous messages on Twitter (read here in full) about schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder: […]

UPDATE: Ciarnan Helferty has now referred himself to Amnesty UK internal standards procedures. Full story here. The chair of Britain’s number-one human rights organisation has made a string of mental health jokes on social media, Political Scrapbook can reveal. Despite Amnesty International’s stance on mental health stigma, the chair of its UK board Ciarnan Helferty has filled […]