Salmond government refused to comment on allegations Murdoch accused of pressuring Scottish prosecutors Cover-up over NOTW meetings with Edinburgh police Scottish government telephones were targeted for phone hacking, it has been claimed. The news comes despite the refusal of Alex Salmond’s administration — backed by Rupert Murdoch — to comment on allegations said to have had […]

The Yes Scotland independence campaign headed by roly-poly Alex Salmond has tripped over its own feet again. Spinners have been caught photoshopping fake badges onto “supporters” used in promotional materials — with the individuals pictured actors and not even Scottish. The central image on the campaign website was a stock image called “international festival audience celebrating” which was […]

Alex Salmond’s Scottish independence campaign have been forced into a U-turn after attempts to portray anyone who followed their Twitter account as a supporter. The site harvested personal details from accounts — including pictures — without permission before displaying them alongside the wording: “Powered by people o’ independent mind, like you…” This has now been changed […]

Following two days of startling Leveson revelations, the usually indefatigable Scottish first minister Alex Salmond seems to be running scared. Scheduled to appear tomorrow night on BBC’s Question Time, Wee Eck has now pulled out and won’t be appearing after all. Yesterday, testimony to the Leveson Inquiry by James Murdoch revealed that the First Minister […]

After Scrapbook parodied Alex Salmond’s leading referendum question on Wednesday, Left Foot Forward’s Alex Hern has put the academic smackdown on the SNP’s dodgy wording: “Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?” Technical literature on survey design is clear that questions phrased in this way result in a “small but significant increase in the […]

Despite promising results in the rest of the UK there’s no denying that Labour’s showing in Scotland was an unmitigated disaster. Now begins a lengthy post mortem as well as the process of electing a new leader. With Iain Gray’s presumptive successor Andy Kerr, as well as fellow big-hitters Pauline McNeill and David Whitton all losing […]

Big hat-tip to the New Statesman who’ve obtained a leaked transcript of the phone interview in which the Convenor of the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee and veteran Tory MSP Bill Aitken suggests that a Glasgow rape victim may have been a hooker. The outrageous remarks have led hundreds of Scots to join a Facebook group […]