Whatever the result of Thursday’s referendum, Alex Salmond will continue to rule the political roost in Scotland. But is could have been so different. This was apparently his idea of campaigning back in 1999: Why on earth is there a photo of Salmond feeding a Solero to a woman? Why? How?? pic.twitter.com/jSMQ9sKdrn via @leeblackwood — Mark […]

Alex Salmond’s promotional train: perfectly on message until someone opens the doors. If @Jon_Hodgkins‘ tweet isn’t a photoshop then it’s an even better lettering fail than Andy Burnham standing next to that NHS van.

The Scottish Government’s independence white paper — launched at a press conference with Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon earlier — gets to grips with the really big issues … namely being able to watch Brucie on Strictly. A partnership between a license fee-funded Scottish broadcaster and the BBC, which would ensure that: “Current programming like EastEnders, Doctor Who, and Strictly […]

One of Glasgow’s top detectives said that Scottish police weren’t bothering to investigate claims of phone hacking against hundreds of people in the country, it has been claimed. With Strathclyde Police having made precisely zero arrests for the offence, a Scottish law magazine quotes an unnamed source as suggesting Detective Superintendent John McSporran had his […]