The past twelve months (and prior) have seen several very popular blogs either shut down or change editorial hands. As the year draws to a close, what better opportunity to reflect on those bloggers “no longer with us”. Starring Iain Dale, Tom Harris, Derek Draper and others, we’ve finally completed our end-of-year video. This is our tribute […]

UPDATE 10:06 D’oh! It seems Devil’s Kitchen had this yesterday. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey? UPDATE 10:11 This tweet from Hilton confirms it. But, seriously, what an odd name for a children’s entertainment group. Like the reformation of a once-beloved band, Recess Monkey wasn’t quite the same after returning from a hiatus of several months. It seemed […]

UPDATE: Tom Miller has been in touch through the comments to say that he intends to start a new WordPress blog which will be “very different in terms of content“. After seeing its post-rate drop to life threateningly low levels for several months, Recess Monkey may have finally been dispatched to the great jungle in […]