Mooting a return to the political fray, the doyen of spin doctors Alastair Campbell has addressed low-rumbling Labour discontent over a blunt attack and lack of visibility from some shadow cabinet members:  “There are things they’re not doing which they could do: just sort of energy, and fight and inventiveness. Some of them are slightly trapped in ‘let’s […]

The embattled Syrian government asked Alastair Campbell to help improve their image as the bloody repression of civilians makes headlines around the world, the former Number 10 spin doctor has claimed. Campbell told an audience at a recent speaking engagement that he was approached by a man claiming to represent Bashar al-Assad, asking if he would […]

As the Tories try to deflect criticism over Andy Coulson’s Murdoch-funded severance payments by making hair-splitting distinctions, Alastair Campbell has gone on the offensive, posting a series of forthright tweets this morning to his 100,000+ followers: “If Ed Miliband’s health advisor had car, health insurance and pay-offs paid by health firm, do you think there […]

“I am not upset! Don’t keep casting aspersions on what I think! Don’t keep telling me what I think! I am commenting!” … screams Sky News’ editor Adam Boulton as he squares up to Alastair Campbell. Zoom to 4:00 for the fun: Absolutely classic election telly!

Alastair Darling has satirised the design of the Tory manifesto during an attack on the Conservatives’ proposed June emergency budget. At a press conference this morning, Darling’s presentation was styled in the blue livery of the Tories’ expensive fabric-bound “Invitation to Join the Government of Britain”. Other materials released by Labour include a mock newspaper site […]

Notwithstanding his penchant for dingloids (soon to be utilising that one-way ticket back to the championship), Scrapbook rather admires Alastair Campbell. The presence of the following quotes within three paragraphs of each other, however, made for a chuckle this afternoon: “… there are only two views. He made the right judgement. Or he made the wrong judgement.” […]