Pre-watershed swearing aside, it was a clever move by Johnson to bring Boateng’s beloved South Africa into the discussion. During his victory speech on election to parliament in 1983 he said: “We can never be free in Brent until South Africa is free too … Today Brent South, tomorrow Soweto!” But as an emerging democracy, South Africa […]

Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson has declared he is to run for the Shadow Cabinet in the forthcoming elections. It had previously been thought that Mr. Johnson would follow top-cabinet colleagues like Alastair Darling and Jack Straw in stepping back from the political front line. Johnson’s decision could potentially scupper the Shadow Cabinet plans of […]

Did this Comment is Free article get David Nutt fired? Using the media to accuse ministers of “distorting” and “devaluing” scientific evidence on drugs may not have been the most tactful thing ever done by a government advisor, but if Alan Johnson’s intention here is to dampen down a difficult political issue Scrapbook predicts this will have […]

Contradicting Francis Elliot’s article in The Times last week, Alan Johnson yesteday ruled himself out of a Question Time appearance alongside Nick Griffin (video). Pressed by Jon Sopel on the Politics Show – “Definitely no? No way? not under any circumstances?” – Johnson responded: “I’ve gone 59 years without sharing a platform with a fascist and don’t […]