Heydon Prowse, the editor of Don’t Panic magazine who filmed Alan Duncan claiming that MPs “have to live on rations and are treated like shit”, has been at it again. In his latest video, Prowse is joined by Jolyon Rubinstein as he stalks the streets of North London converting locals to the religion of New Politics™ and the […]

Unbelievably, as Scrapbook blogged yesterday, the Tories have a temporary shopping mall with its own Harvey Nichols at their Manchester conference. They must have missed that email about ‘no champagne’: Having been demoted to prisons spokesman, it seems Alan Duncan has no incentive to toe the line either. Good to see the honourable member for […]

It’s been coming for a while now. Alan “MPs are forced to live on rations” Duncan has finally been demoted by David Cameron over a month before parliament returns and far enough in advance of conference season that by then no one will care. But it’s great to see Sky News’ Jon Craig getting into the swing […]

Tory minnow Nigel Evans MP has been happy to hide in the shadow of frontbencher Alan Duncan in the wake of their unguarded comments on expenses. What an opportune moment to revisit Evans’ pious remarks on the expenses scandal, which were posted on his parliamentary website: Even though I was the 570th lowest spending MP […]