With 36 year-old Tory Chris Kelly quitting parliament after just one term, a parliamentary counterpart has observed he is among nine 2010 intake MPs to jump. While Kelly has declined to offer a reason — a lack of advancement in the Commons and a considerable salary boost on offer at his dad’s truck company, for which he was moonlighting while […]

The influence of Tory HQ can be felt on the selection to replace disgraced Nazi uniform enthusiast Aidan Burley MP — with the Conservatives picking an ally of Grant Shapps’ parliamentary bag carrier as their new candidate in Cannock Chase. While announcements for the selection of Amanda Milling (above with Boris) featured the usual spin about her tenuous connections with the […]

An epic self awareness fail from vote-repelling Tory Aidan Burley while recycling a travel industry press release for his website: “It is very important to make sure that when you do travel overseas, you are covered if something goes wrong. It is just not worth taking the risk.” While Scrapbook is reassured to hear that the French […]

Nazi uniform enthusiast Aidan Burley MP has launched a broadside … against the leader of his own local Conservative group. In the latest sign that the Tories’ operation in Cannock has succumbed to chaotic infighting, disgraced Burley says that Cllr Paul Snape had been “rude”, “aggressive” and had created a “toxic atmosphere”. The news comes after claims from Snape […]

Elitist Oxford drinking society given ‘free lap dances and champagne’ by Tory-supporting strip club mogul Peter Stringfellow boasts ‘one of them could be Prime Minister’ Disgraced MP Aidan Burley was former president of King Charles Club, which is banned from university premises Students hosted Stringfellow at Conservative Party’s establishment venue Carlton Club An elitist Oxford University drinking society are […]

You have to feel for MPs. Despite a staffing budget of £137,200 some still struggle to keep their websites up to date. Take poor Cannock Chase MP Aidan Burley. His website contains a section called “Aidan in the media”, which boasts press clippings from an exciting “selection of recent media appearances”: “New bus fleet is formally […]

Scrapbook set legal process in train by tipping of SOS Racisme We were first to expose his inconsistent story in January 2012 Burley complained to a pal: “They know everything about me” Nazi party organiser and Tory MP for Cannock Chase Aidan Burley is to step down at the next election: His statement in full: […]