The Bristol East phone canvassing drive forming a main pillar of the discredited #KerryOut campaign reached an embarassing end on Sunday, achieving only a tiny fraction of its own target. After more than ten weeks of “activity” the totaliser on stood static at just 8% late last week, failing to make any significant progress before all traces of […]

Less than a month after it was launched with much fanfare, Tory agitation in the distinctly non target seat of Bristol East has backfired massively, with their poor PPC to having the salient details of her financial history picked up by a national newspaper and then exploding all over the blogosphere and Twitter in the most gruesome way […]

One of the Tories’ star PPCs has been reported as having defaulted on ‘debts’ of nearly £325,000. The Mirror reveals that Bristol East candidate Adeela Shafi, who was hand picked by Cameron to open for him at Conservative conference in 2008, has “has had three county court judgments against her since 2007”. The Insolvency Act 1986 and Enterprise […]