Breathtaking hypocrisy from Liam Fox at PMQs, who claims that the Guardian’s coverage of Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks had left “security personnel more vulnerable”: “Can we have a full and transparent assessment of whether the Guardian’s involvement in the Snowden affair has damaged Britain’s national security?” Fox obviously has a short memory. Two years ago this […]

With Leveson evidence revealing communications between Jeremy Hunt’s special adviser and Murdoch’s lobbyist, the email exchange perhaps offered one chink of light for the culture secretary: the claim that his SpAd, Adam Smith, had acted beyond his capacities and without Hunt’s knowledge. This is basically the same excuse offered by, erm, Liam Fox during the Adam Werritty scandal. […]

Defence minister Gerald Howarth may have winced at the revelation he met disgraced “adviser” Adam Werritty both socially and in an official capacity at the suggestion of Liam Fox. This is, however, probably one of the lesser embarrassments in his diary. Lest we forget, Howarth is best chums with corrupt sleazebag Neil Hamilton. Indeed, the minister for international security […]

Israeli officials disclosed secret information on Iran to Adam Werritty because they assumed he was Liam Fox’s official adviser with appropriate security clearance, The Times has claimed (£). Fox’s controversial friend even used the word “we” to talk about the Ministry of Defence. Werritty reportedly quizzed Israeli officials on potential airstrikes against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s nuclear ambitions, with one asking: […]

After days of scandal over his unofficial adviser Adam Werritty, the Defence Secretary Liam Fox has this afternoon resigned from the government. It is suspected that the final straw was revelations in this morning’s Times, regarding Mr Werritty’s financial backers. His letter to the Prime Minister cited having “mistakenly allowed the distinction between my personal […]