Adam Smith’s evidence to Leveson seems to be contradicting his resignation statement. Asked by Robert Jay QC whether the communications created the impression that Hunt’s office were too close to News Corporation, he said: “I don’t think the substance of what we’ve been through was inappropriate.” So why did he put his signature to this? “I appreciate […]

With text messages now released, the following communication from Jeremy Hunt to a NewsCorp lobbyist threatens to skewer the culture secretary: Fred Michel: “You were great at commons today”. Hunt: “Merci, large drink tonight” We can also see that Fred Michel refers to NewsCorp and the Jeremy Hunt office collectively as “we”. Adam Smith agrees […]

News this morning that Adam Smith, the special advisor at the centre of Huntgate (watch your spoonerisms there), will be appearing at the Leveson Inquiry next Thursday afternoon. He will take the stand immediately after News Corporation Europe’s former public affairs boss Frederic Michel, whose communications with Jeremy Hunt’s office hold the key to the […]

Scrapbook was amused to discover that the All-Parliamentary Media Group are operating under the delusion that one Jeremy Hunt will be speaking at their annual reception on 25 June. Events at the Leveson Inquiry this afternoon have heaped yet more doubt on whether the culture secretary will have a job by that point. After protestations […]

There is now blood on the floor of the Leveson Inquiry, with Jeremy Hunt’s SpAd quitting over his communications with News Corporation. As we blogged earlier, however, the Ministerial Code still makes Hunt responsible. Here is the full statement from (now former) SpAd Adam Smith: While it was part of my role to keep News […]