Wannabe Tory leader Adam Afriyie has claimed it is “impossible” to raise a family on £67,000 — suggesting instead that MPs should not be given a salary and audited expenses but an “allowance” of up to £225,000 to spend however they want. In an interview with Chat Politics, the Windsor MP — a multimillionaire through technology […]

Wannabe Conservative Party leader Adam Afriyie’s seditious amendment to the European Union referendum bill continues to attract no support whatsoever from his colleagues, Tory blog the Blue Guerilla has reported. Looking to advance his challenge to Cameron on the back of backbench Euroscepticism, the Windsor MP had tabled an amendment to bring forward the date of a proposed EU […]

It must be Friday: Sky have published their top-10 “hottest MPs” based on polling from the previous four years (alas without pictures). Burnham and Flint fly the flag for Labour but the eleven finalists (including tied placed) include six Tories and three Lib Dems. A former council leader’s description of John Prescott as “divinely sexy” impressed […]